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Bengali Movie Actor Rajatava Dutta

Rajatava Dutta is an actor in the Indian film industry. He predominantly worked in the Bengali cinematic world and garnered a huge fan base with his powerful acting and brilliant expressions. He made his audience empathize with characters played by him. The actor was born on 8th may 1967 and hailed from Jellore in East Pakistan (Nowadays known as the country Bangladesh). He completed his studies from the Ballygunge Government High School and also went to the Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration in 1985. He did his graduation from Netaji Nagar College in the year 1987. His interest lied in the field of theatrics and he did his first play in the year 1987. He performed with the prestigious Antarmukh theatre group guided by Saumitra Bosu and also with Ushnik, Swapnosandhini, Gandhar, Natyaanon, Ansambal, Calcutta Performers, Sangsriti, Lokokrishti, and Natyashala.

He debuted in the film industry as a junior artist and did the film ‘Ajab Gayer Ajab Katha’ in 1998. He worked day and night to make his dream a reality. He is known for many blockbuster movies of his time such as Astonishing Lamp in the year 2013, Jomer Raja Dilo Bor in 2015, and Byomkesh Pawarbo in 2016. He received the BFJA Award in the best supporting actor category for the film Paromitar Ek Din. He also got the Anand lok Awards in the year 2006 for favorite villain. His cinema ‘MCA Fatakashto’ became a major hit and did very well at the box office. The actor garnered a lot of fame through this movie and became everyone’s favourite, especially in the Bengali industry. His other namely movies are Bajimaat, Tiger, Tulkalam, Challenge, Khiladi, Boss, Khoka 420, and Gangster. Rajatava did ‘Bossgiri’ a Bangladeshi movie with an ensemble cast of Shabnam Bubly and Shakib Khan.

It was part of a two-country project. As a part of their earlier collaboration, he worked in the film Nabab, a Bangladeshi-Indian joint venture directed by the same director. He always made up to his reputation to play the role of a negative character in all his projects. He did many films portraying negative aura and a person with shady characters. He played the villain in Boss, Chayengi, Rasta, Barud, Konamachi, and Paglu. He also judged the Television reality show ‘Mirakkal’ which aired on the channel Zee Bangla. He worked with the prominent personalities of the Indian film industry and shared screen with both, television artists and film artists.


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