Kamal Mitra was an actor of Indian origins. He mostly worked in the Bengali Film Industry and his career spanned over forty years. Kamla was born in the province of Bengal in Burdwan city during the rule of the British in 1912. He was an athletic person and used to play football. He was fond of reading and collecting books. He served in the military for some time after completing his studies. He also served at the District Magistrate & Collector's Office before starting his career as an actor. He had an athletic build and a deep voice. He mostly played character roles during his film career. He was also a part of some radio shows and radio plays.

His filmography includes Naba Bidhan (1954), Hospital (1960), Nilangurio (1943), Sabyasachi (1977), Sabar Upare (1955), Jighansa (1951), Ekti Raat (1956), Ananda Math (1952), Kansa (1944), Sagarika (1956), Aaro Ekjon (1980), Asadharan (1976), Bhanu Pelo Lottery (1958), Raudrachhaya (1973), Baranali (1963), Sesh Anka (1963), Deya Neya (1964), Phulu Takurma (1974), Monihaar (1966), Parineeta (1969), Suryatoran (1958), Bibhas (1964), Pitaputra (1969) and many more.