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Sujan Dasgupta graduated with a master's degree in engineering from Jadavpur University and then relocated to the USA to pursue his doctorate. Since then, he has lived in the nation for almost 50 years. He worked mainly at the renowned Bell Laboratory for most of his career. Additionally, he is a well-known storyteller and the creator and editor of the informational websites abasar.net and Bengali Mystry.com. For "Anandamela" and other tiny periodicals, he produced numerous poems, stories, and puzzles. In 1989, he published his first book, Dhandhapurir Golokdhandha, a collection of riddles. In addition to creating stories, novels, and puzzles, he was a master of detective stories. He is the author of the fictional character "Ekenbabu," a detective by trade.

Ekenbabu, who appears to be a typical Bengali gentleman and is a notorious miser, is difficult to picture as a detective. He had traveled to the states to receive training for the Kolkata police, and now he works as a detective there to supplement his income. His two housemates are Bapi and Parramatta. Bapi is a professor at a university in New York. While Pramatha is pursuing his Ph.D., they are both "eligible bachelors." Bapi records the tales of Ekenbabu. Kolkata is where the detective's family resides. Ekenbabu, a very honorable man, addresses everyone with respect. This book is a collection of five Ekenbabu-centered detective stories.


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