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Bengali Actor Mainak Banerjee
  • Gender : Male

Mainak Banerjee is an Indian television and film actor. He is best known in Borbaad (2014), Nayikar Mato (2016) and Chupkotha (2018). He has also worked in several web series such as Takumar Juli, Mismatch, Judgment Day and more. Minac Banerjee was born on August 11th in Kolkata, West Bengal.

He graduated from Scottish Church University School and B.T.  H.S. school sponsored by the road government. He graduated from the University of Calcutta. He was culturally active during his studies and soon became interested in acting.

Mainak began his action and drama film career in 2013 at a regional cinema (Bengali) called A Juger Bhalobasa, later producing films such as Borbaad, Picnic and Boudi.Com. Basanta. He later starred in comedy thriller films such as Ferns.

In 2017 he had the opportunity to appear in the romantic drama Chowdhury directed by Sanjoy Bardan. The film includes Rajbari with Mainak starring Giaa and Ratool Mukherjee Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . In 2021 he starred in the Bengal television show Dhulokona in Star Jarsa.


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