Dhirendranath Ganguly Bengali Actor
  • DOB : 26-03-1893
  • Date of death: 18-11-1978
  • Star Sign : Aries

Dhirendranath Ganguly also known as Dhiren Ganguly is a pioneer figure in Bengali Cinema. He is known for his immense contribution to Bengali Film Industry. He was an actor, producer, writer, and director. Dhiren was born in Kolkata. He studied at Visva Bharati University in Shantiniketan. He trained as a makeup artist and l published a pictorial book in 1915 featuring his makeup, titled ‘Bhavki Abhiyakti’. He also served as a Principal at the State Art School. Dhiren was a theatre enthusiast and featured in stage productions of Rabindranath Tagore’s plays like ‘Daak Ghar’ and ‘ Raj Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Raj ’. He had close ties with Rabindranath Tagore since his time at Shantiniketan. Dhiren founded the ‘Indo British Film Company’ with Nitish Lahiri, which was the first production banner with total Bengali ownership. The first film to be released under this banner was ‘Belat Ferat’ in 1921.

This movie featured Dhiren and was produced and written by him. ‘Sadhu Aur Shaitan’ and ‘Yashoda Nandan’ were also released under the banner in 1922. Dhiren also founded British Dominion Films and Lotus Film Company but they were shut down soon. He was also associated with New Theatres in the capacity of a director. Some of the films directed by Dhiren are Cartoon (1949), Excuse Me, Sir (1922), Lady Teacher (1922), Indrajeet (1922), Charitraheen (1931), Night Bird (1934), Chintamani (1923), The Marriage Tonic (1923), Bidrohi (1935) and Country Girl (1936). He also wrote Shesh Ni Bedan (1948) and produced Flames of Flesh (1930). He acted in the films: Hal Bangla (1939), Mastuto Bhai (1934), Excuse Me, Sir (1922), Alik Babu (1930), and Bondita (1945). He was felicitated with Padma Bhushan in 1974 and was awarded Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1975.

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