Anubrata Basu Bengali Actor
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Anubrata Basu was born on October 5th, 1989 in Calcutta, is a Bengali film actor. Born in India, he started acting in local theater. He got his first commercial acting break with Anjan Dutt Anjan Dutt is an Indian film director, actor, sing >> Read More... Anjan Dutt . Born in India, he started acting through local theatrical performances. He got his first commercial break with Anjan Dutt's Madly Bangali, in which he portraited one of the main characters called Benji. After this movie he has acted in films such as Chatrak and Gandu. In Gandu, his performance sparked controversy, as he appeared nude, with a fully erect penis and engaged in unrestricted on-screen sex.

Since then he has been affectionately known in the industry as "The Gandoo", Mainak Bhaumik's song "March, Mishti & More". In this movie, he has no close scenes. He is not overly shy and thinks that all good actors should not be shy. He shot with Paoli called "Chatrak". Some of his films are Tasher Desh, Gandu, Maach Mishti & More, Chatrak, Madly Bangalee, Bedroom, Ami Ar Amar Girlfriends.

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