Masala Padam Movie Review

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  • Movie story for the film: "Masala Padam"
  • Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 09-10-2015
  • Genre: Comedy
2.5 / 5.0

The film starts with an online reviewer ripping off a commercial masala film called Suraavali. In Masala padam, the joke is on me, I mean the online movie reviewers who spend 120 bucks and write about a 100 crore film. We see a film in a different perspective and the audience see it as a mere entertainment medium. But the fact is that the audience is the winner and they will decide the fate of a movie. 

The film is about a producer's challenge to the so called critics to make a masala film without cliches and still satisfy all segments of the audience. They pick up 3 characters, Mani, a normal marketing executive, Amudhan is a rowdy and Krish is a happy go lucky guy. A photojournalist Diya, is the person who follows these characters and help the critics in the character development for their film. After a point, she changes their lives and want to pull out and tell them the truth. What happens next is the climax of Masala Padam.

I liked the satirical way of writing and the screenplay was good but not very gripping. There were some high moments and a few dull ones too. The film is not insanely humorous or very boring at the same time. Since the runtime is short, the film somehow manages to keep the audience engaged. Music and cinematography was pretty decent. Its just 110 minutes but the film looked sluggish in parts in both 1st and 2nd half. 

Performances wise, Shiva gives a breezy and subtle performance as always. He did a good job on the emotional side too. Bobby Simha rocked in an agressive and rugged role. Newcomer Gaurav as Krish was pretty good in the love portions. Lakshmi Devy as the photojournalist played the role with ease and looked confident.

Overall, Masala Padam starts of taking a dig at the critics and then slowly moves into the commercial pattern with love, fights and stuff. After a point, you will forget how this film even started and where its going to end. But it ends with some preachy dialogues about cinema and its audience. Masala Padam, good in parts and a mixed bag. Its neither too good or too bad.