Vignesh Shivan Confirms That He Is Not Directing AK 62?

Saturday, February 4th, 2023

Vignesh Shivan, who had been in the talks of the people for the past month, changed his Twitter bio and confirmed that he is not a part of AK 62. Last year it was announced that Vignesh would direct Ajith Kumar in his next film after “Thunivu” by “H Vinoth.” After Thunivu’s success, Ajith went to London and Vignesh Shivan too. Earlier, it was stated that they went to discuss the film with the producer, but rumors stated that due to some misunderstanding, Vignesh Shivan would not direct, though “Nayanthara,” had also made some efforts to make AK 62, Wikki 6. As it was not official, fans were confused much, and it was also rumored that Magizh Thirumeni would direct AK 62. Today Vignesh changed his Twitter bio; he removed AK 62 and added Wikki 6, and also removed Ajith’s image from the cover picture. Now, the fans are expecting the official announcement regarding the director of AK 62.