The Schedules For Movie Ayogya Started Off

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

There have been a number of movies emerging of late in Kannada cinema. There is a movie with unique title Ayogya and the movie was launched on August 3, 2017. Till date, the schedules for the movie have not made progress. Now, the movie is emerging again with a change of the movie producer. It is not heard that one movie could have two inauguration ceremonies. In the Raja Rajeshwari temple, the movie went on the schedules for the consecutive time. One among the lead producer is 'Mohan Kumar'. He has retreated from the movie stating reason that there is excess budget being spent on the movie. The movie producer Chandrasekhar of Crystal Park Films happens to be the new producer of the movie.

There are other movies as John Seena, Chamak and Birbal which have progressed in schedules. The female lead of the movie happens to be ‘Rachita Ram’. It happens that the actress happens to be the most victorious and lucky actresses of the present times. The comedy role is by 'Chikkanna', and there are other actors as ‘Saritha’, ‘Rangayana Raghu’ and P. Ravi Shankar.