Sudeep’s Direct Reply To Nagathihalli!

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Besides performing in the films, “Sudeep” has been hosting the reality TV Show, Bigg Boss. This is the fourth season of the show and it is Sudeep, who has been hosting it in all the seasons. That is why the show has got a huge following. Meanwhile, director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar has commented about the show on his social media that it is boring nowadays and the contestants look exhausted and they doesn’t seem to be interested in the show. Sudeep said that if Nagathihalli had asked about it to him personally, he could have answered him via text message or a call. As he asked him via social media, Sudeep also replied publicly. Sudeep said that as the contestants have been in the Bigg Boss house for the past eighty days, they don’t have any contact with the near and dear ones and that makes them shed their energy. If we expect them to be cheerful all these days, then it is like requesting them to act fake.