Nikitha Dorthody belongs to Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Currently, she lives in Kudla, Mangalore, Karnataka, India. She was born on 26th August. She works as an actor in the Sandalwood Entertainment Industry. Moreover, she also works as a Freelance Model and a Theatre Artist at Samashti. She works with Kannada’s most popular Entertainment Channel Star, Suvarna, and also with the Colors Kannada Official. She is a part of Colors Kannada’s most popular show Ginirama.

 She is also found to be active on social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook. She is seen posting content about her serial along with some engaging content like reels, photographs, memories, etc. Also, through some sources, it has been said that Nikitha might be seen as playing the lead role in a Kannada Short Film ‘Tyajeth’ directed by Chethan Keshav.