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Jodha Akbar is a story of Jodha and Mugal Emperor Akbar’s relationship. Jodha is The princess of Amer and Akbar is the ruler of Hindustan, He wants to win every part of Hindustan and when he was on a mission he met with Jodha who is so beautiful but hates Mugal and she also wants to kill Akbar. The story takes a turn when Jodha’s marriage is fixed with Akbar by her father as he wants to save her and his sons from Saiffudin who killed Jodha’s Fiancé. Jodha agrees for the marriage with a condition that she will not be forced to convert her religion and she will be allowed to take his Krishna’s Idol in Mugal Fort, Akbar agrees. After marriage Jodha has to face so many problems as Akbar hates her and his 1st wife and so called mother Maham Anga plans and plot against her. But after a time Jodha and Akbar come closer and they fall in love with each other, but Maham Anga created misunderstanding between Jodha and Akbar and ordered Jodha to leave the fort. Akabar revealed the truth and then he punishes Maham Anga, on the other hand Jodha stays in Mathura where she met with Shenaz and when she she come back Agra Shenaz also comes with her. Later it is revealed that Shenaz is Akbar’s Step sister and thinking that Akabar is keeping hide her mother somewhere, but it is Maham Anga who is keeping Chand Begum who is Sehnaz’s mother. Shenaz announce a battle against Akbar and she lost. Akbar tells her that he is her well wisher. In between Jodha’s pregnancy news comes and while celebration Jodha got kidnapped by Khehbar who falls in love with Jodha and Akbar got angry and in meanwhile Hadiqa comes into picture and Akbar falls in love with her but later it is revealed that Akbar wants to find that who sent Hadiqa and it is revealed that Maham Anga plotted to dethrone Akbar to take a revenge. 

Jodha Akbar is a very popular serial on the television and famous among the audiences. The show has won so many awards and the TRP is continuously high since starting.

Another version of the story...

Unlike its other series, Jodha Akbar is a historic daily soap which was telecasted on Zee. Inspired by the Historic marriage of Rajput princess Jodha and Mughal emperor Akbar, Santram Varma Santram Varma was born in 1970, and he is a film d >> Read More... directed the series. Jodha Akbar is a love story of Rajput Princess Jodha and Mughal emperor Akbar.

Story starts when the Rajput princess Jodha who is a devotee of lord Krishna, marries Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar for the peace in her kingdom. Jodha bhai though agrees for the marriage, she puts few conditions to which Akbar agrees. After the marriage love hails in between them and Jodha turns to be the most loving wife of Akbar among all his other begums. How the marriage of alliance turns to be a happy marriage and how they both understand each other and respect each other is the story of the series. The series started on Zee in Telugu version and acquired popularity in very less time. This series was launched in Hindi first and was later dubbed to Telugu. The show is produced by Balaji telefilms which are known for producing many hit serials in many languages. Jodha Akbar aired on Zee on 20th July 2013 and was still running successfully. The show is telecasted at 6 Pm daily from Monday through Friday.


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