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Luck unte Lakshmi is a Telugu reality television show.It is a game show in which the contestants have to estimate the correct or original price of a particular product.The correct or right answer will lead them the next round.The show is hosted by the very famous and talented actress Lakshmi Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna Manchu is an Indian celebrity kno >> Read More... .In the beginning of the show, many golden balls are juggled inside a huge jailed cage.An assistant comes and chooses 6 balls out of those juggling golden balls.These six balls have numbers on each one of them.The audience is each given a number when they enter the set.Out of these audience members, six lucky members are selected based on which number came out on the balls.The selected candidates who are chosen are very happy as they are selected and will come on television and if they are very lucky will win a lot of money and gifts too.

As each of the participants is selected they need to walk down the aisle or dance down the aisle and roll four cylindrical structures.On these cylindrical structures are written numbers.As these cylindrical structures halt the numbers on each of them is visible at which it stopped.All the four numbers are read out and that is the beginning amount of that particular player.The show starts with Lakshmi Manchu inviting a celebrity friend of hers every episode.Sometimes it is Charmi sometimes it is Anushka or sometimes it is her brother Vishnu Manchu.These celebrities are questioned by the audience and thy have an interactive session with the audience too where the fans ask them sometimes personal but most entertaining questions. After this, the game starts.

The product is bought in and in batches of two, the contestants are asked to guess the price.The contestant who guesses the most appropriate price of the product or the value which is the nearest to the actual amount will get selected to go to the next round.He will also get that product as a gift.The second closest contestant will get the first digit deducted from his value which will reduce his total amount drastically. He will also go to the next round.The contestant whose amount is the most non relatable one will leave the show with very less price money.One by one the contestants cross levels and their total price money increases or decreases based on their performance.In the end, a winner is declared who will win the products and a lot of money.This show is produced by Manchu entertainment and it airs on Maa TV.


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