Gandharva Pardeshi Hindi Actor
Gandharva Pardeshi is an Indian television actor, who is seen in the TV series " Jodha Akbar Jodha Akbar is a very popular epic historical tele >> Read More... Jodha Akbar ". Gandharva Pardeshi is not only an artist; he is a model and a choreographer. He has actually turned out as a director too. This multi-talented guy will definitely go heights in his career.

Currently he is working in "Jodha Akbar" as Rajkumar Jagganath. Jodha Akbar is an Indian historical epic drama produced by Ektha Kapoor and Shoba Kapoor. It is now airing on Zee TV from Monday to Friday. Even though Gandharva Pardeshi's debut series is being Jodha Akbar, his performance in acting is well portrayed. There are many newcomers in this series who have earned their fame and glory like Gandharva Pardeshi. The marriage between the Mughal Emperor Akhar and the Hindu Rajput Princess Jodhabai is the main romantic part in Jodha Akbar series. The lead roles are played by Paridhi Sharma Paridhi Sharma is popularly known as the beautiful >> Read More... Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas.

Gandharva Pardeshi has tweeted many posts saying that he is enjoying the horse ride and the sword fight that are taking place in this series. He is enjoying every bit of acting in this series and his talent of acting is pictured well. If you like Gandharva Pardeshi, then don't miss his action sequences in Jodha Akbar as Rajkumar Jagganath.