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Pelli Nati Parmanaalu is the daily soap which revolves around young girl Radhika and her husband Abhi. Radhika, a girl from a middle class family marries Abhi, who is the most eligible bachelor of the town. Radhika like every other girl, dreams about his future husband and designs how her life should be. When she marries Abhi it seems every dream of hers came true. Abhi who is known for his strictness warns his wife to be true with him and Radhika always obeys his word. Abhi’s straight forwardness and his principles in life impress Radhika day by day and she starts admiring Abhi for what he is. Radhika believes in her husband and obeys him to every word of his without a question.

The show takes turns when Radhika goes against Abhi’s opinions in a few matters. On the other side Abhi’s uncles’s daughter who always dreamt about becoming Abhi’s wife takes the advantage of the differences between Abhi and his wife and create tougher situation for Radhika which adds fire to their disputes. Withstanding all the difficulties Radhika finally wins Abhi’s trust. Tragedy comes in their life when the whole family dies in an accident and only Abhi survives. How Abhi gets out of the shock of his family’s death and how he moves on in his life is the story. The show telecasted from September 17 2013 on Zee TV daily from Monday to Friday at 9PM

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Pelli Nati Parmanaalu is a drama launched on ZEE Telugu TV on 17th September 2012. From the first episode, it was really appreciated by the public, according to ZEE Telugu TV director which revealed the data about the Ratings when the Pelli Nati Parmanaalu was running weekly from Monday to Friday at 9PM. The last episode with number 452 was broadcasted on 13th June 2014. Acting stars Abhiram Akul and Normadha were the most appreciated actors in this television serial; they have been nominated for some individual awards. Produced by Surinder Films Pvt. Ltd it was a real success and some unofficial sources talks about a 2nd season for Pelli Nati Parmanaalu.

The storyline of Pelli Nati Parmanaalu follows the life of Bhoomija and Abhiram, the importance of marriage in the life of every couple. As the traditions say a marriage can be made by following 7 steps, 7 vows and 7 commitments which creates a special bond between the husband and wife. The serial rounds around the trust of this couple before the marital life and during the marriage. They are tested by life and finally if their love is strong enough they will get married. Pelli Nati Parmanaalu is a traditional television serial and remembers the way a marriage was done a long time ago.

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