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Manjurukum Kaalam Malayalam tv-shows on Mazhavil Manorama TV
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Manjurukum Kaalam is a Malayalam television series that aired on one of Kerala's most popular TV channels, Mazhavil Manorama. Binu Vellathooval directed this serial. This show is telecasted from Monday to Saturday, at 07:30 p.m. The show's writer who has also contributed the screenplay for the same is Mr. Joice. The story, adapted from the novel of the same name, begins with the adoption of a child called Janikkutty by Vijayaraghavan and Ratnamma after her mother dies.

She gets pampered by her adopted parents. Eventually, Janikuttty's happy life ends when Ratnamma becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child. Janikkutty who was once loved most goes through sufferings and hardships. The story continues as she falls for Abhijit, Sarita's brother. Eventually, Abhijith's father asks for Janikkutty's hand for marriage. This is when Ratnamma humiliates him, and he leaves.

After nineteen years, Janikkutty's biological father, Govindan Kutty, returns to seek her daughter back. After Janikkutty leaves with her father to his family, she is introduced to his new wife and kids. She then opens up to her father about Abhijit, and he decides to visit his parents. When Govindan returns, he informs Janikkutty that Abhijit is now residing in Dubai and that his marriage has been fixed with someone else.

After a while, when Govindan is dead, and Ratnamma is affected by cancer, she meets her grandfather. They both stay together, and he builds a house for her so that she won't be bothered when he is not there anymore. Using her education, she makes her career into politics as she stands for the local election. Eventually, she gains victory in the elections and becomes the minister. Meanwhile, she finds out that Abhijit is in the country now and residing in Chennai. She visits him only to see that he and his family are in bad condition financially.

Janikkutty extends her helping hand and eventually resigns from her post to appear for civil service along with Abhijit. This is where the story ends with both of them leaving for the civil service training.


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