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The Malayalam Dubbed version of “ The Adventures of Hatim Heroes….warriors…action…war…blood…strategies….and >> Read More... ” in the channel Life Ok, Hatim Veeraghatha is an adventure series with the hero as Hatim, a young Prince of Yemen. Originally aired in Star Plus in the late 2000s, the instant success of it among the masses resulted in it being dubbed in many regional languages like Tamil, Telugu. The Malayalam version is the “Hatim Veeraghatha”. The series opens a world of fantasy and the ultimate fight of the good in the world against the evil spirits. Every element of a fantasy movie is covered in the right mix making it a success among different audience. With the story set in the Middle East and the judicious mix of the fantasy element makes the series a visual treat for the eyes. Besides, Rahil Azam Rahil Azam is a dashing Indian model and televisio >> Read More... and Pooja Rawal Pooja Rawal a famous entity in the world of daily >> Read More... has done their roles exceptionally in bringing to life Hatim and Jasmine, which adds on to the success of the series. Of great importance is the visual effect in the series which unlike other fantasy series brings in an air of ease and beauty. The series, in fact, revolves around Hatim attempting to answer seven riddles in order to compete with and destroy the evil forces in the world.

Another version of this serial...

Hathim Veeragatha (Hathim) is a Malayalam television serial on Asianet channel. This serial is an adaptation of the sequence in Life OK channel. It was launched in Malayalam in March 2014.

The story revolves around the life of the young prince Hathim . The serial depicts Hathim’s heroism. Hathim, who was born to spread messages of peace and love, is the son of Emperor of Yemen. He grows up to save the world from the evil villain Zargam. The story showcases several adventures of Hathim in the war against evil including the seven puzzles to be solved inorder to defeat the evil. Perizad, the princess of Persia is Hathim’s faithful companion whom he met during the journey. A Hakeem helps Hathim by giving him the right advices. 

Zargam uses all his power and tactics to kill Hathim, Hathim is all set to obtain the valuable power stone from Zargam which he obtained through deception. The show has elements of fantasy, mystery & magic to transport the viewers to an exciting imaginary world. Hakim’s adventures and expedition need to find the clues and seven secret answers before he can face Zargam for the final war. Towards the later part of the story, it is revealed that Hathim and Zargam are brothers who chose to select different paths

The show is produced by Nikhil Sinha Indian-born Nikhil Sinha is a superstar, who is in >> Read More... and the scripting is from Sarang Majan. The lead roles are beautifully portrayed by Rajbeer Singh Rajbeer Singh is a gorgeous Indian model turned ac >> Read More... , Pooja Banerjee Pooja Banerjee is an Indian Television Actress. Po >> Read More... & Chandan Anand Chandan Anand a very talented and handsome actor w >> Read More... . The show is aired from Monday to Friday every week.


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