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Kannada Tv Serial Bharathi

Bharathi Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Bharathi is a serial being telecast on Zee Kannada TV at 9 pm from Monday to Friday.

The story of this serial is about a middle class girl, Bharathi, with a flamboyant father and traditional mother, who works hard to take care of her three girls (the elder one being deaf and dumb) and tries to save something from her husband, who spends everything on gambling. Bharathi has a sister who is following the footsteps of her father. The marriage of Bharathi to a police inspector, Bharath, whose family has a wealthy background, makes her father very happy. Bharathi, tries to adjust in her in-laws’ home inspite of the fact that she does not love her husband and the actual love of her life is her husband’s brother, Manoj. The story takes a very interesting and shocking twist when Bharathi’s so-called husband tells that actually he never married Bharathi but his brother, Manoj had married her. Bharathi is confused with the strange incidents in her life but tries to adjust, as her husband puts an effort to woo her.

On the other hand Bharathi’s younger sister Sanjana gets married to her younger brother-in-law. Sanjana was actually in love with Manoj and tried to attract him. But when she came to know that manoj was her sister’s husband she takes her chance at the youngest boy in the family and succeeds in marrying him. She then starts to do things to impress her mother in law and other members of the family so that she can take Bharathi’s place in their hearts. But as bharathi is a clear hearted person it is not possible for Sanjana to succeed in her plans. Sanjana takes advice from her cunning father every now and then to create problems for Bharathi. The story’s intrigue increases as they come to know that her husband’s original mother is someone else. Shobha, Manoj’s true biological mother, used to work in Manoj’s home itself. They both didn’t know that they had such a close relation. Now that Manoj comes to know that he is not a member of that family, he tries to make a living to take care of his wife and mother. Bharathi supports him completely. But when Shobha insists on Manoj and Bharathi to have children of their own, Bharathi is resistant for some reason.

The secret of Manoj’s father and as to why Shobha is not with him is yetto be found out in the next episodes.