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Kannada Tv Serial Ammoru

Ammoru Kannada TV SERIALS on Kalki

Fictional drama, no matter what, has always been an out of the box concept to captivate the viewers. Shows, serials, movies, whatever are being made on this theme are successful in hitting the target right. Television serials are no exception from the concept. Many serials are being made on the theme of fiction and thriller. “ Amnoru This storyline attempts to be different in its fan >> Read More... ” is one of such TV series, which was successful in captivating the viewers. “Amnoru” is the Hindu goddess who is very powerful and believed to be the divine force which drives the universe. As the title itself suggests the genre of the serial is socio-mythological drama.

The series was aired on the channel Kalkii, Kannada which is probably the youngest Kannada channel. The channel was launched in the year 2015 by Whitehorse Network services. The specialty of the channel is its originality. All the shows telecasted are original with no remakes and dubbing shows. Within a very short span, the channel could gain ten million viewers with the shows which are very unique and have out of the box ideologies. “Amnoru” is one such serial which aired and gained admiration from the Kannada viewers. The plot of the show is very intense and deep. The lead protagonist of the series is Kathyayini.

Sridevi, named a girl in the village called Kaduhakku is one of the lead roles in the plot. Sridevi, during her childhood suffers an ill treatment from her stepmother. Her journey is full of hassles and hurdles. The serial is not just aimed at providing viewers with fictional drama, but also depicting the unsung values and traditional aspects of our culture. Speaking of the plot, Ramapura is a village where a respected family lives. The series holds the interest of the viewers in what is the relation between the family in Ramapura and Kaduhakku.

The antagonist of the story is Drushta who is the goddess of the devil. She desires to take control over the world. The serial is all about the clash between good and evil. The series shows us Katyayini’s journey and her fight against Drushta. The show was previously aired. There is no dragging in the episodes since the story was depicted in a few episodes without lag. The time slot of the show was from 8 PM to 8:30 PM. The perfect time slot to get the viewers into the serial since it is the prime time when one spends most of the time watching TV.