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Hindi Tv Show MTV Splitsvilla 10

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Hindi TV SHOWS on M TV

MTV’s Splitsvilla is a dating reality show, which was earlier hosted by Nikhil Chinnapa, and now Ranvijay Singha and Sunny Leone Sunny Leone, a famous porn star, has recently ente >> Read More... are the hosts of the show. The show revolves around the young boys and young girls who try to own a place in splitsvilla, a compatible villa where they were thrown out of the real world. At the end of every season, a girl and boy are announced as the winners of the Splitsvilla. The show has various faces according to the situation. There are jealousy, hatred, friendship, backstabbing, breakups, and a lot of fights between contestants. King and queen are those who have dumping powers. Queens have the ability to drop warriors and princesses.

In season 10, prototypical matches are given the power to rule over the villa, and the establishment of an ideal match leads to the dumping of a contestant. The ideal matches are announced by the Oracle, which studies the significance of science over love. Standard matches are held in between pairs, each consisting of a girl and boy holding much similar emotional and psychological characteristics. The answer to them in the audition decides ideal matches. Not all the contestants have ideal matches. Change in the dynamics of the villa may change the ideal matches.

The first to become the ideal match will be the chosen ones who have the bracelet of powers. They have the power to save, eliminate, or are given some powers during the tasks. Each season has a theme. The experiment of love is the theme of the tenth season. The tenth season of the show was held in the Jim Corbett National Park. It prolonged from 23 July 2017- 10 December 2017 with 22 episodes and 21 contestants, ten boys and eleven girls who came to find their love. Baseer Ali Baseer Ali is an emerging star he has been seen in >> Read More... and Naina Singh Naina Singh is an Indian model and actress who was >> Read More... are the winners of the season. Divya Agarwal Divya Agarwal (full name: Divya Sajan Agarwal) is >> Read More... and Priyank Sharma Priyank Tyagi, a Delhi-based 24-year-old model, ar >> Read More... are the runners- up of the season. 

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