Alisha Farrer is a twenty-two-year-old Indian-American model and actress. She was born on 19 October 1993 in an Indian family based in Perth, Western Australia. She completed her schooling from Hampton Senior High School in 2010.

It is known that the acting bug bit her quite young at the age of four with her peaked fondness towards Bollywood. After graduation, she received family support for a career to begin with modeling, and she signed up with a famous agency to set the ball rolling.

She received some good work walking the ramps for prestigious designers like Manish Malhotra and Rocky Bay; along with some commercials for television. She won four titles at the Indian Princess International beauty pageant at the age of eighteen in 2012 and the same year, she was the first runner-up another called Miss North India.

As a contestant for the above-mentioned pageants, Alisha visited Mumbai a few times and reaffirmed her decision of pursuing a career in Bollywood. However she chose to prioritize her college degree and took a break in 2013 to complete her graduation from Curtin University, Perth.

Meanwhile, she worked on her portfolio with the star photographer Praveen Bhatt and worked in a short film titled ‘In the Hands of Todd’ along with a gig in the Australian film ‘ Son of a Gun’. In 2014, she moved to Mumbai to finally begin her journey in Bollywood.

She was still house-hunting when she signed her debut film, Sameer Iqbal Patel’s ‘ Hotel Beautifool’ (a comedy film starring Johnny Lever). The year 2015 blessed her with three more films-Shasan Arts’ ‘ Jhol’; Rajshri Productions’ ‘ Zindagi’ and last but not the least- ‘ Love Games’- a film by Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt.

Alisha has also appeared on the small screen for a few shows such as LifeOk’s ‘Supercops vs. Supervillains’. She has a quite active account on YouTube and regularly uploads videos depicting beauty hacks for girls.

Alisha Begh Hindi Actress

Alisha Begh

Alisha Begh is a Telugu film actress. In 2014, she was debuted and starred in Chaitanya Dantuluri’s Telugu film Basanti, along side Goutham in the lead roles. Another Version of this Bio... Alisha Begh is an Indian film actor who officially debuted in 2014. She was born in the year 1993 and is currently from Mumbai. Her first film was 'Basanti' as a lead actress. Alisha started her career from Telugu cinema. But, she is not working in the industry for the first time. Surprisingly, she faced the camera when she was only six months old. It is a very young age for any artist. Her first film was from Bollywood with Manisha Seshadri, and the great actor Govinda, as a six months old baby. She was later seen in Judaai (1997) by director Raj Kanwar. She played a pivotal role in Judaai, and at that time she was just four years old. As a child artist, Alisha is seen in other Bollywood movies like Andaaz, and Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha. 'Judaai' (1997) is a memorable film for Alisha. She played the role of Preeti Varma, daughter of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in the film. Judaai was a blockbuster at that time. Alisha is a huge fan of Bollywood diva Sridevi. Sridevi is her idol and a picture of patience to her. Alisha admires her with all her heart. In an interview, she says, Sri Ma'am never complained about our re-takes whenever Om (co- child artist in Judaai) and I forgot our dialogues. She understood that it happens and they were kids. Even if they took five to six takes to complete a scene, she accepted it with patience without getting tired. Alisha appeared in Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha in 1998 with actors such as Kajol and Ajay Devgan. Alisha also played the character of young Kajal (Lara Dutta) in the movie Andaaz (2003). She can be seen playing football with boys. In the next scene, she meets the male lead, Raj, who is physically impaired in the movie. They become friends and Kajal encourages him to indulge in sports and other activities and makes him strong. Later on, Bollywood scripts did not impress her to start her career as a lead actress. So she decided to begin acting in Tollywood. 'Basanti' is her debut flick by director Chaitanya Dantuluri. The film released on 28th February 2014. She appeared opposite to film star Raja Gautham. The film has a terrorist backdrop, and in between, there is a youthful love story of Roshini (Alisha), and Arjun (Gautham). Basanti is a name of their college, the college which faces the terrorists' attack. In the film, Gautham comes from a simple and middle class family. O the other hand, Alisha belongs to a rich and reputed family. She plays the role of daughter of Hyderabad Police Commissioner. Basanti music album got very famous amongst people. The film's music by Mani Sharma is pretty soulful and adorable. No doubt, Basanti was an enormous hit. It has a beautiful story with a unique concept and won million hearts with its emotional connect. Critics appreciated Alisha's role and said that she was quite fit for the role. Alisha became a Super star after her debut movie Basanti. She has started getting back to back offers in Telugu Film Industry and her fan following simultaneously increased. Alisha is also known as Baby Alisha, in fact, she is more famous by this name. This is because she played many roles as a baby or as a child artist. We all wish to see her soon in more Bollywood as well as Tollywood projects.


Aliya Khan

Aliya Khan is an Indian film actress, who played as Neelam in Ayyub Patel’s 2013 film, The Plotter. Another Version of this Bio... Aliya Khan is an Indian Bollywood actor. She is also a Telugu model. She has done one film named as 'The Plotter- The Game Of Murder Has Just Begun' by director Ayyub Patel who is also a writer of this flick. Aliya is fair, tall and very gorgeous. The beautiful lady, Aliya is debuting in Bollywood industry with this project. She was seen promoting the movie and its music album very actively with great enthusiasm in a parrot green Indian traditional dress. Aliya is a fashion diva and is seen attending fashion events all around the city of Hyderabad. Her outfits give the essence of her love for jewelry and Indian culture. In 2013, Director Ayyub Patel stepped into the film industry with his debut direction, The Plotter, fully known as The Plotter- Sazishi. The writer of this project is also Ayyub Patel. He is not new as a writer because he is also an author but it's his debut in the cinema. Additionally, Ayyub is also an actor, editor and song writer for this project. His interest in thriller stories is reflected in his book 'Trial of President Bush- The Thriller.' Aliya Khan played the role of woman named, Neelam. She was seen besides Harish Amar, Rehman Manjra, Jay Dogra and Priya Patel. Priya's mother is the co-writer of this story along with Ayyub. 'The Plotter' is the first movie which is entirely shot in United States of America. It is based on a real story. 'The Plotter- The Game of Murder Has Just Begun' is a mysterious thriller where Neelam's husband (writer) Guptraj refuses to sign divorce with Neelam. Meanwhile, detective Andaz comes to visit his aged father in India after breaking up with his girlfriend Priya in USA and meets Neelam. Both fall in love and plan to kill Guptraj. Later on, Neelam's identity and secret gets revealed. Plans and counter plans take a puzzled yet an amazing turn and a thrilling rollercoaster begins. The singer and music director of this film is Vijay Beedict and Veena Rastogi. The Plotter is a very good movie for mystery lovers and Aliya has played a very crucial and sublime role. Aliya was recently seen in a designer boutique and shopping at the same. In 2014, she walked the ramp in an event of Kingfisher Ultra 2014 at Hyderabad in an awesome white dress. She was spotted last month at a fashion showcase event in Hyderabad. She is complete fashion lover and always stays trendy. Aliya has done a very few projects but has performed quite well. It would be great to see her soon in many more films and projects.

Aliya Khan Hindi Actress