Dhriti Mehta is one among the child artist who has loads of acting talent. She is a charming, cute, and a lovable kid, who has won millions of hearts with her acting in the series "Punar Vivah". As you already know, this series is one of the top-most viewed by the audience over the years on Zee TV. This kid has been a part of Punar Vivah and she can cherish it a lot in her career of acting. Dhriti Mehta has played the character of "Payal Yash Sindhia" who is Yash & Arpita's younger daughter, and Aarti's step daughter. The story of Punar Vivah revolves around two people, Aarti and Yash. Yash's wife Arpita dies early and he is the one to look after his two daughters, Payal (Dhriti Mehta) and Palak. Aarti's husband Prashant has left her and it has been for 4 years she was alone with her son, Ansh. Even this kid Divyam Dama A multi-talented kid in Indian television series i >> Read More... Divyam Dama (Ansh) has enormous talent and has played a beautiful role in this series. They both became friends on the sets of Punar Vivah. They both were seen together cutting a cake on the 100th episode of this series. Dhriti Mehta would definitely emerge as a great artist in the future.

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Dhriti Mehta is an Indian child actress who became popular for playing the pivotal role of Payal Yash Sindhia, the younger daughter of Yash (played by ) and Aprita (played by Shweta Munshi Shweta Munshi is a well-known face of Indian T.V. >> Read More... Shweta Munshi ) in the popular Indian soap, Punar Vivah.

Dhriti was born on March 29, 2008. Her mother is Riddhi Mehta.

The young actress also bagged a role in the upcoming Shashi-Sumeet Productions’ Mere Nikattu on Star Plus.