Pawan Tiwari is not only an actor, but he is also the producer having a very strong political background. His main focus of work has been the TV shows. While doing acting, he became the producer as well and the first movie, which he produced, was Dozakh In Search of Heaven. He named his production company as Jalsa Pictures and this was the first movie, which he produced. Pawan Tiwari was born in Basti, which is now called as Siddarth Nagar and it is the part of province UP. His initial schooling was from the Saint Joseph School in Basti and later on he went to Delhi University for graduation. He also got a diploma in fashion designing from an institute IIFT in Delhi. He had properly learned acting from a school in Delhi, by the name of NSD. After that, he moved to theatres and then, he entered the mainstream of professional acting on TV.

Pawan has not restricted to a single channel. Instead, he worked in different shows which were aired on different channels. His famous shows were Kismat Connection, Haunted Nights, Do Dil Ek Jan and Piya ka Ghar Pyara Lage. He also worked in a few movies like Pranali and the one he produced himself as mentioned before. He is not only a very good actor, but he has also proved himself to be a dedicated producer with the aim of producing quality stuff for media. He also vows to make and execute certain plans of this kind.