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Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
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Ek Mutthi Aasmaan is a daily Hindi TV serial that airs on Zee TV every evening from Monday to Friday. The genre of the series is family drama. The serial was premiered on 17th August, 2013.

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan shows the life of Kalpana Jadhav and Raghav Singhania. The story shows how their paths towards achieving their goals in life cross with each other. Kalpana’s mother, Kamla Jadhav, is a domestic maid in a rich ’Seth’ Kapoor’s house and her father, Vitthal Jadhav, is a mill worker. Kalpana’s mother always remains busy in taking care of Mr. Kapoor’s daughter, Pakhi Kapoor and hence Kalpana is deprived of her mother’s love and care. Despite of that, Kalpana loves her mom, and she works very hard to realize her mother’s dream. On the other side, Raghav is a rich businessman. Raghav’s prime aim is to take revenge from the Kapoors who allegedly killed his father when Raghav was young. Raghav wanted to make Pakhi fall in love with him in order to execute the revenge. But after meeting Kalpana, he gets attracted towards her as she is very simple, sweet and caring. Eventually, Raghav and Kalpana both fall in love with each other. They plan to get married. The twist comes to the story when on the day of their marriage Raghav gets married to Palkhi instead of Kalpana. Later it is shown that it happened because of Raghav’s mother, who pressurized Raghav to take revenge from Kapoors. Finally Raghav relizes his mistake and again gets married to his love, Kalpana.

The main characters, Raghav and Kalpana are played by Ashish Chowdhry and Rachana Parulkar Rachana Parulkar is a renowned Indian model, dance >> Read More... respectively. They portrayed the characters so nicely and their performance was so brilliant that the viewers fall love with Kalpana and Raghav. Fans used to call Raghav and Kalpana “RagNa” as a couple. Later, both the main casts, Ashish Chowdhry and Rachana Parulkar were replaced. Fans get disappointed by this and the TRP of the show fell down badly.


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Riddhi Dogra
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