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Borshoboron Bengali TV SERIALS on ZEE5
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Borshoboron is a Bengali TV serial that aired on April 23, 2023. The show celebrates the heritage and culture of West Bengal. ‘Borshoboron’ is hosted by Aparajita Adhya and Biswanth Basu. The show has one episode to date, which is 2 hours and 16 minutes long. It revolves around the combination of song and dance performances by ZEE Bangla celebrities and different artists with engaging debates, games, and the very delightful Bengal cuisine. The ZEE Bangla actress Soumili welcomes the first episode with a dance performance to Rabindranath’s song. Followed by Sudipa and Biswanth, who keep the celebrities engaged with games and other activities. The show keeps the viewers captivated by the journey of every Bangaliana.

The whole episode enlightens the very traditions, arts, and customs of West Bengal. There are various discussions in between as well, which spark various thoughts in the viewers as the celebrities discuss literature, culture, and various socio-economic realities in Bengal. The show is then followed by the most anticipated Bengali dishes, with a variety of flavors and classics. From the famous ‘Machar Jhol’ (fish curry) to the famous desert ‘Rasgulla’, the show waters everyone’s mouth with such delicacies. The show is later carried out by Nachiketa, who sings songs at the request of a few actors. And later is followed by many such events. Watch ‘Borshoboron’ on ZEE5 to know more about the show.


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