Telugu Tv Serial Veer Naari Jhansi Lakshmi

Veer Naari Jhansi Lakshmi Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu

This is an Indian, historical and dramatic soap about on of the India's first female freedom fighter. This is a Hindi serial which was dubbed and re-released in Telugu on the channel Zee Telugu by the name Veer Nari Jhansi Lakshmi. This show was also dubbed in several languages and also won several of the Zee Awards. This show was jointly directed Jitendra Shrivastava and Dharmesh Shah and written by Rajesh Saksham, Ila Dutta Vedi and Malvika Asthana and Mairaj Zaidi. The show as edited by Paresh Shah.

The show chronicled the life of great women freedom fighter and Kranti Guru Rani Lakshmibai and her transformation from an adamant and rebellious young girl into an able queen and freedom fighter. The role of the young Rani Lakshmibai was brought live on the screen by child actor Ulka Gupta, and the adult Rani Lakshmibai was played by actress Kratika Sengar. The show consisted of many talented crew members such as Dharmesh Pal Dhima as the Creative Director and Deepak Pandey as the Cinematographer.

The serial was set in the pre-independence era of the country, in which we were ruled by the Britishers. In its first episode, we are introduced to the character of Manu, a fourteen-year-old, young and talented daughter of Moropant Tambe, who serves as a Bandit in the Bithoor court under Peshwa Baji Rao 2 and Nana Saheb. She considers Tatya Tope as her guru as he has passed on various armory skills to her. She is portrayed as a girl with solid morals and as someone who despises the British rule and tyranny.

Later in the show, it was shown that she is married off to the king of Jhansi, Gangadhar Rao Newalkar and after his untimely death is rechristened Rani Lakshmibai and later becomes the ruler of the Jhansi and also begins to take a stand against British tyranny, unlike other kingdoms. The show also mirrored the various political tactics and cunning tricks that the Britishers implied to rule our country. During its telecast, the show was mired in a controversy as several people claimed that the show didn't show authentic facts.

However, despite all this controversy the show enjoyed great commercial success. The serial used to air on the Zee Telugu channel only after its culmination on the Hindi channel. Both the show's lead actresses Krithika and Ulka earned immense popularity due to the show. It was last aired on the Telugu channel on 4th February 2012.