Born on the 21st of July 1990 the 24 year old actor comes from Bilaspur, a small town in Chhattisgarh. We have read a lot of stories about people who just don't want to quit, Satyajeet(nicknamed Cute Geek) is another stunning example.  He got his first break after a 127 unsuccessful auditions. Satyajeet did his studies in acting from Hibriten Film Academy, in Lenoir North Carolina.

His debut was made from a Red Chillies Entertainment movie “ Always Kabhi Kabhi

A Hindi Romance film, for which he was greatly praised. He plays “ Tariq” a high school student, it’s a beautiful story of 4 high school students who come from completely different backgrounds and how their life unfolds. The movie portrays a very different perspective of Romeo and Juliet.

Satyajeet Dube is also known for the commercials that he has done for a number of MNCs, such as Pizza Hut, HDFC bank and KitKat.
Satyajeet was also seen in “Luck Luck Ki Baat”, a Disney movie and he also played Nana Saheb in “ Jhansi Ki Rani” which is a T.V. series.
And now again, Satyajeet is waiting for another one of his films to be released this year titled ”Bankey Ki Crazy Baraat”. Satyajeet will be working in this Indian comedy with Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra and Tia Bajpai.
Sanjay Sugaonkar Hindi Actor

Sanjay Sugaonkar

Sanjay Sugaonkar is a well-known face in the Marathi theatre fraternity and has acted in plays like ‘Sasrebuva Jara Japun’ and ‘Makadachya Hati’. He attained national exposure and became known to people outside the mentioned spectrum with the show ‘Rukh Jaana Nahi’, in which he played the role of a pandit (priest), Sitaram Panda. The story of the show revolved around the female protagonist, Sanchi, who belonged to an ordinary family and struggled and fought every day to break out of the social confines the society built around her. Sitaram Panda was a well-intentioned priest who tried to help Sanchi once by telling Indu, the local goon head over heels over Sanchi and wanting to tie the knot with her as soon as possible, and his mother that she would die if Indu married Sanchi. His wife and son were, on the contrary, antagonists although the son saw the error of his ways towards the end and turned into a protagonist. Recently, he was part of the PIFF (Pune International Film Festival) nominated movie ‘Halal’ (2016). Sugaonkar’s acting career, despite his experience and ability, has been unfortunately understated on the whole. Every performance of his, regardless of the magnitude of the role, makes you wonder how an actor so consistent in his stoic performances remains so unheralded. Being someone who mainly performs in theater, his ability to mould into and play different characters with immaculate ease is usually on full display. With more and more impetus now starting to be given to efficient actors, it might only be a matter of time till actors like Sugaonkar are given due appreciation for their hard work and talent.