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Anubandhalu Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
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Anubandhalu is a television series launched on 8th October 2012 on Gemini television. With 238 episodes, it was aired every week from Monday to Friday at 9PM until 9:30PM. At that time it was a really appreciated Drama series because of the main two actors Meena and Chandra Mohan Chandra Mohan was born on 23rd May 1945 in Pammidi >> Read More... .

Chandra Mohan is an employee in Indian Government and is the eldest son that married a rich girl and he has two kids with his wife. Gambling and drinking are a common issue for him and he starts to be more in a casino and clubs more than the house and even in his office at work. The daughter of Chandra Mohan is also married with a man from a medium village and the brother of her husband likes to create problems for them in marriage. Meena is the 2nd daughter of Chandra Mohan and is not married. After long searches for a husband, Chandra Mohan finds a husband for Meena and the girl does not agree him and makes something that cause the arrest of her future husband. Now the action starts to make the series interesting because now everyone starts to look for the fortune of Chandra Mohan’s and the arrested man looks for revenge and to complete the storyline this series deserve to be watched.

Another version of this story...

Anubhandhalu is a most popular daily serial telecasted on Gemini TV at 9 pm from Monday to Friday. It was started on 8th October’2012 and has successfully completed its 247th (final. episode on 20th September’2013. The Anubhandhalu serial is about the story of Bujanga Rao’s family. Many years after their marriage Bhujanga Rao couple had no children and they decided to adopt Sita as their daughter. They pampered Sita very much. Bujanga Rao is a cooking master by profession. After adopting Sita, Bujanga Rao could see progress in his professional life. So, he started to believe that Sita had brought luck for him.

As days passed, Bujanga Rao couple had blessed with 4 children, but unfortunately his wife passes away. As the elder girl in the family, Sita used to take care for her brothers and sisters and also used to help her father in financial matters.  Bujanga Rao’ two sons Bhavani Shanker and Uday never used to share family’s responsibilities. Sita alone was handling all issues. Bujanga Rao now wanted Sita to settle down in life, but she did not listen to him as she wanted her two sisters to settle first. With Sita’s support Bujanga Rao’s elder daughter got married. With a changing trend in society, traditional cooks were no longer being called to any marriages. As a result of this, Bujanga Rao’s family started seeing a downfall as there was no income to lead the family. Finally Bujanga Rao finds a match for Sita and fixes the wedding with Lokesh on condition of paying Rs. 50,000 as dowry. At the time of marriage, police arrests Lokesh for taking dowry and Bujanga Rao for offering dowry. Then the story has many interesting twists and unexpected turns.


Gundu Hanumantha Rao Telugu Comedian
DOB: 10 October 1956
Gundu Hanumantha Rao
Kasinadhuni Viswanath Telugu Director
DOB: 19 February 1930
Kasinadhuni Viswanath
Sammeta Gandhi Telugu Movie Actor
DOB: 2 February 1950
Sammeta Gandhi
Shraddha Das Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 4 March 1987
Shraddha Das