Telugu Tv Serial Chigurakulalo chilakamma

Chigurakulalo chilakamma Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv

Chigurakulalo Chilakamma’ is a daily serial which is now being telecasted in MAA TV daily. The story is a dubbed version of ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’ which was telecasted in Start plus earlier. The show aired on 3rd Oct, 2011.The show was directed by Santram Verma and Kaushik Ghatak which was written by Zama Habib. The show is about the two sisters ‘Jeevika’ and ‘Manvi’. Krystle D'Souza played the role of Jeevika and Nia Sharma as Manvi.

The story processes through Jeevika (who is elder) and Manvi living in their ancestral house in Rishikesh, after the death of their parents. Jeevika was matured and cautious girl while Manvi was a kind of fun loving girl. They meet two handsome brothers ‘Viren’ and ‘Virat’ who came from a wealthy family. Viren was a successful lawyer while Virat was fond of Music.

The story progresses with Jeevika falling in love with Viren and they marry each other. Later Manvi falls in love with Virat but later comes to know that she was suffering from Blood cancer and avoids him. Manvi needs to undergo bone marrow transplantation but the only blood which suits her was her Sister Jeevika’ s. Viren and Jeevika sacrifice the birth of their child for saving Mani’s life. Soon Manvi recovers and marries Virat. And she becomes pregnant while Jeevika accepts the truth that she cannot conceive. The story ends up with Manvi giving birth to two baby girls and gives one of her child to Jeevika. The Plot goes with the beautiful relationship between two sisters and two brothers, of course shows the love among the couples in a unique and realistic way which eventually attracted the audience.

This show has also been dubbed into Tamil ‘Deivam Thandha En Thangai’ which telecasted on Star Vijay.

Other dubbed versions of the serial :

Deivam Thandha En Thangai | Tamil | Star vijay | Current 2:30pm

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai | Hindi | Star Plus