Tamil Tv Show Siri Siri Crazy

Siri Siri Crazy Tamil TV SHOWS on Kalaignar TV

Siri Siri Crazy is a Kalaignar channel TV show. Kalaignar TV telecaste this TV show in the year 2016. The TV show was first released on the Youtube channel of Kalignar TV and, later on, the same episodes were released on the TV channel of Kalaignar TV. The TV show was a comedy genre TV show. The TV show started with its first episode titled as Connection Kolaaro. The first episode only unfolded as the aspects of the other episodes.

The plot of the TV show was about a family running after each other. The story is like a family TV drama with a lot of comedy in it which provokes instantaneous laugher. S B Khanthan has directed his comedy TV show. Crazy Mohan has written this show. As far as the cast of the TV show is concerned actors, and actresses like Maadhu Balaji, Ramesh, Neelu, Kyathi, Satish, and Crazy Mohan himself have worked in the TV show. The comedy starts with a small house in which everyone is looking after each other like a spy. They exchange a lot of funny dialogues. The male protagonist works in an office and is always upset with his boss. He doesn’t leave one chance to tease his boss. His wife is also a different kind of character. She keeps on trying new things which are extremely funny. Some days she tries on new looks, new clothes, new ways to romance with her husband, and miserably fails a lot of times. There is a Pandit as well.

The parents also live in the house who acts like typical South Indian parents who add a lot to the comedy show. In every episode one tries to save himself from his manager by applying new tactics, a typical wife keeps on trying new things, and the parents yelling at the children. The show has other characters also which add to the story like the Pandit, the friend of the protagonist, the manager, and others. With every comedy moment, a playback track is played.

There is a laughing voice which is added to all the comedy scenes in each episode. This song has been sung by Krish and Mahati, whereas, it is penned down by Su Ravi. Each episode brings new chapters to the lives of these characters. The storyline in each episode remains same. The TV show has been a massive hit in the genre of comedy.