Tamil Tv Show Short Film Express

Short Film Express  Tamil TV SHOWS on IBC Tamil

Short Film Express is a TV show aired on IBC Tamil Television. Having a runtime of one hour, it has a unique concept where the young generation can use their talents and create short films that convey a message through a story or is just for entertainment. Presentation of films with different genres takes place on the show. It targets the young generation people, from teenagers who have just entered the media field to settled individuals who want to gain experience in story writing, videography, script-writing, etc. and inspiration to make different short films.

It started on 8th November, and it follows a definite pattern. In each episode, two short films are telecasted. Succeeding each of them is a detailed discussion on the techniques, dialogues, and content of the movie.

For example, in episode number 5, two short films were played, firstly “Naam Yaar” by Kuren Xavier and secondly “The believers” by Karthik. The first one is a story of a girl who belongs to the lower class. It conveyed a message that, “education is not restricted to age and neither to class and race.” Jenny played the character of Kayavili, Janani by Amy, Murugesan by Jayakumar, Manikam by Wesley and the little girl by Jorinna Angel. The second one, based upon the British rule during the pre-independence period, is about a white man who behaves rudely with an old Indian man who is serving him tea. He gives him a tip for his service, but the old man who is full of self-respect does not accept it and returns it. He says, “we Indians are not beggars.” The British man’s ego gets hurt, and he orders his guards to catch hold of him. Later, the old man holds a verbal dispute with him and instills a sense patriotism even in the minds of the Indian guards standing outside the door. The moral which the film conveys is, though people like Nehru, Gandhi, and others have given us the freedom we are not able to enjoy it fully. People from India migrate to other nations and improve their economy, and we are still a developing country. Therefore their one dollar is equivalent to our sixty-four rupees.

In the episode aired during Deepavali, it focused on the topic of war, its consequences and the post-traumatic stress disorder that prevails after the war. Nandini loses her child in a war and is not able to forget it. The memories of war haunts her in mind. Every little sound, like the clock ticking, the water flowing, the crackers gives her a resemblance of the war and leads to a traumatic attack. Her husband loves her dearly and is always there for her. The doctor suggests him to have a baby once again so that she recovers fast. In not a less time, she conceives. It seems like a turning point in their life. But fate has another plan for them. Her pregnancy becomes complicated due to her condition and unfortunately, she suffers a miscarriage. Shahela Rani and Sarath Sellathurai are in the lead roles.

Short Film Express receives an appreciation for its unusual concept. It is a great platform for different participants to present their short films. The subtitles support the film so it reaches to audience of different cultures and languages. The show can reach heights by delivering short films with rich content.