Tamil Tv Show Kadhalukaga

Kadhalukaga Tamil TV SHOWS on Isaiaruvi TV

Kathalukaga is a Tamil TV series which is aired on television on Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. to 7 P.M. has been facing a very low T.R.P, with its cast including actors like Nikki Galeani, Mr Rajasekar, K.S. Ravi Kumar and Thanjai K. Saravaman as its leads. Kadhalukaga is all about a typical Tamil boy who meets a girl i.e. NikiGaleani, asking him an address and he falls in love with her by seeing her for the first time. He somehow manages to find about her whereabouts and then make her a friend.

The boy truly and madly falls in love with the girl and the story further goes on and on about how he confesses his love for her and how she reacts to it. The background music given in the serial is very soft and subtle. Although the story is very common and has no as such twist and turns but it seems like our Tamil youth is not really into all the simplicity and wants at least a little Spice and thrill to watch, which can certainly maintain their interest levels in a particular series for a long time. Else the series will have a low TRP with its end as being discontinued.

As far as the show is concerned, their love story goes on with the girl accepting the proposal of the boy and then they start chatting over the phone, meeting each other regularly, and thinking of each other. On a positive side, the girl also really like the boy and keep on thinking about him even when he is not there with her. But as the story is in the present - past sense, it keeps on getting interesting along with time, with some random and more major in changes in the story with girl killing a man and the guy narrating their story to the policemen. Let's just wait and see what happens next. Till then stay tuned.