Tamil Tv Serial Vazhnthu Kaatukiren

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Vazhnthu Kaatukiren is the Tamil language daily soap opera aired on Sun TV.  Vazhnthu Kaatukiren is one of the famous serials with Easwari Rao in the lead role as Kanmani. M.Saravanan, M.Balasubramanian, M.S.Gugan jointly produced this serial under their company, AVM Productions. Masilamani directed it, while P.K.Joseph served as the creative director. Easwari Rao is the television and cinema actress who has worked in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu industries.

Easwari Rao, as Kanmani, is an educated girl belonging to a middle-class family. She is a girl who likes to be straightforward and honest. While her father, Rajakili, is just the opposite of her. He is a liar and acts as a false witness to many cases and earns money for living. He does not let his family know this. Kanmani has two younger sisters Thenmozhi and Malarvizhi. Thenmozhi is running a telephone booth and supports her home financially. Malarvizhi is a school girl aspiring to become a doctor.

Balakrishna is the male lead of the serial. Balakrishna is the young and innocent guy, who seeks for the care and love of his mother. He suffers from Kleptomania. A rare disease in which the victims have the urge to steal something without their control. Being a Kleptomaniac, Bala struggles a lot to lead a common life; even he discontinued his studies. His father is an industrialist. Balakrishna’s mother ostracizes him. She scolds and blames him for everything. He has three siblings, namely, Murali, Nalini, and Gokul. Balakrishna is so fond of his family, especially his siblings. His father is the only person in his kin who backed him up.

Vazhnthu Kattukiren serial features two people with entirely different characters, Bala, and Kanmani. Accidentally they meet each other and engaged in getting married. Kanmani decided to marry him due to her family circumstances. Kanmani does not like her husband, criticized by his family members. When these bizarre grows, Kanmani and Bala leave home and challenge them that they will lead a good life, which is defined by the title, Vazhnthu Kattukiren.