Tamil Tv Serial Sontham

Sontham Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
Sontham aired on Sun TV in the year 1999; it was a successful serial and crossed 250 episodes! It was produced by AVM, one of the biggest and oldest movie production companies of India.

Sontham is a story about a lower middle-class girl Akila and the problems she faces in her marital life. Akila is a responsible girl, she work hard and manages her family, and she takes care of her parents and her brother-sisters and sacrifices her happiness for her family’s wellbeing!

She is than married to wealthy man’s bedridden, paralysed son Gowri, their family chooses Akila as their son is bedridden and no others are ready to give their daughter to someone like Gowri.

Akila whole heartedly takes care of Gowri and motivates him. With her help and motivation, he slowly recovers and finally he becomes well! But as she is from a lower status, he treats badly, he than throws her out of his house. This makes Akila mentally disturbed.

The rest of the story is about how Akila recovers from this.

This was a very successful television venture for the AVM, following the success; the production company have been producing various serials on Sun TV and most of them were successful!