Tamil Tv Serial Sahana

Sahana Tamil Tv serials on Jaya tv

Sahana was a serial which was a sequel to a very successful Tamil movie “ Sindhu Bhairavi”. The serial was produced by the well-known producer and director late 'K. Balachander'. He was also the producer and director of the movie. The serial was telecasted on Jaya TV from 23 February 2003 onwards.

The film originally dealt with extramarital affairs. J. K. Balaganapathy, also known as JKB, is a renowned Carnatic musician. He has an unhappy and unsatisfying marriage and cheats on his wife Bhairavi, with another Carnatic musician Sindhamani a.k.a Sindhu (' Suhasini Maniratnam'). Bhairavi couldn't conceive a child to JKB, which is also the reason for their disturbed relationship. In the end, Sindhu decides to leave from JKB's life. However, before leaving, she gives away her child which she bore from JKB to the couple.

The plot of the serial starts few years down the line from where it had ended in the movie. The couple had stopped fighting with each other as they use to earlier, and their child too had grown up. The character of JKB was played by thespian ‘ Sivakumar’ in the movie. However, he couldn't work on the serial due to his prior commitment to another show and thus the role was enacted by ‘Y.G.Mahendra’, a well-known name from the theatre and film circuit.

Due to the change in the male lead K. Balachander decided to change the female lead in order to avoid comparisons with the previous pair who shared a great chemistry in the movie. Also, since actress 'Sulakshana' had disappeared from the public view, the makers had initially decided to kill her character. However, she contacted the makers herself after hearing about the serial through media sources and expressed her desire to work on the serial. Accordingly, necessary changes were made in the script, and she was gladly included into the cast by them.

Before the telecast of the show, K. Balachander said that he wanted to make the sequel ten years ago but didn't dare fearing comparison and rejection from the audience. However, after working on several films and TV shows, while thinking about an idea for his next venture he chanced upon the draft of the Sahana sequel and decided to make the sequel to the movie. The theme song of the serial was composed by ‘ Rajhesh Vaidhya’ and crooned by Dr. 'M. Balamuralikrishna' and ‘ Sudha Raghunathan’; both are established Carnatic singers. The serial too was gladly accepted by the audience and enjoyed huge viewership.