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Neelambari Tamil tv-serials on MAKKAL TV

Who doesn’t hate dictatorship? Everybody does, especially the iron fist rule of a mother in law. Thanks to societal differences, and films like ‘Sau Din Saas Ke’, starring Lalita Pawar Lalita Pawar was a versatile actress in Indian Fil >> Read More... , known for her ‘dreaded’ role of the dictatorial mother in law, Bhavani Devi, the negative image of the mother in law is dreaded by most of the Indian women when they enter their new household. They might contemplate with the fact of living separately, but not with the mother in law. Capitalizing on this famed enmity is the serial on Makkal TV, ‘Neelambari’.

The Tamil version (dubbed, to be precise) of the 2012 show ‘Kairi – Rishta Khatta Meetha’, which aired on Colors, this is the tale of a dictatorial mother in law, who wants to rule the household with an iron fist. This show airs on Makkal TV, every weekday, in the prime time slots. Set in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, the plot is about the Srivastav, a middle-class family, with Imarti Ashok Srivastav as the matriarch. Imarti is the typical mother in law (saas in Hindi) who wants to rule the household with an iron fist, i.e. control her daughters-in-law completely.

What of her five sons, even her own husband, Shri Ashok Srivastav, is helpless in front of her. For Imarti, women are meant to serve, and not have their own opinions. However, much to her dismay, her second eldest son, Anuj Ashok Srivastav, marries a girl of his choice, Ambika aka Ambi. Imarti tries her best to wreak havoc in the love life of Anuj and Ambika. However, Ambika is the last woman on earth to be cowed down by Imarti. Ambi is ready to serve the household, but not by paying the price with her own dignity.

She doesn’t want to humiliate her mother in law either, but given how Imarti harasses her, Ambika decides to teach Imarti a lesson in humility. How she does it, forms the crux of the whole plot. This show stars Hema Singh Hema Singh is an Indian television actress famous >> Read More... as the authoritarian mother in law, Imarti Devi. Naman Shaw Naman was born on 18th December 1982 in Kolkata ,w >> Read More... is cast in the double role of elder brother (Dead) Abhay and Anuj Ashok Srivastav, while Preeti Chaudhary Preeti Chaudhary is a television actress who is mo >> Read More... essays the role of Ambika aka Ambi. Also in the show is the heartthrob Jay Bhanushali Jay Bhanushali is a Hindi television actor, anchor >> Read More... , as Anuj Ashok Srivastav. Vibha Anand Vibha Anand was born on 8th September 1990 in Mum >> Read More... essays the role of Suman Srivastav, the wife of the dead Abhay Srivastav, while the ‘Tanu’ of ‘ Kumkum Bhagya Kumkum Bhagya was broadcasted on Zee TV channel. I >> Read More... ’, Leena Jumani Leena Jumani is a model and an actress of Indian T >> Read More... essays the role of Mala.