Meet Mukhi Hindi Actress

Meet Mukhi is an enthusiastic child actor who is just nine years old. But age doesn’t matter as for this guy he already claims to have a girlfriend and she is also his biggest fan. Meet earlier started with ‘Bal Gopal Kare Dhammal’ and also played a role in ‘ Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke The Sweet Dreams of Childhood as it is translated >> Read More... Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke ’. Now this cute and innocent young actor is playing a role in show ‘Mahabali Hanuman’ as young ‘ Ram His real name is Ramasubramaniam. Born in Tamil Na >> Read More... Ram ’. But this is not only where his career is limited, but he had also played some roles in Bollywood films like ‘ Rowdy Rathore Click to look into! >> Read More... Rowdy Rathore ’ and ‘ My Friend Pinto Click to look into! >> Read More... My Friend Pinto ’. But acting is not the only thing in this youngster’s mind as he aspires to be a cop as he grows up. “I want to be a cop like Akshay Kumar, a proud one, as he is my inspiration,” says the young artist. While he is very busy as taking out time for acting and school both, this young child has great stamina as he takes time for everything including his friends. He attends school in the morning then goes to set after that he takes out time for his friends to play in the evening.

Though this young actor started to earn from such a young age, he has a limited daily allowances of fifty. But most important thing is he is happy with it as every little demand of his is fulfilled by his parents. “They never say no,” he says. He enjoys his work and learns from it everything he can. “I learned about many different things I never knew about Lord Ram before,” he says. “My friends love to watch me and my teachers praise me for it,” the kid says like it is the greatest achievement in his life.