Tamil Tv Serial Nayanmargal

Nayanmargal Tamil Tv serials on Puthuyugam tv
Nayanmargal is a spiritual mega TV series, that's being telecast in PudhuYugam channel from Monday to Friday by 6 PM. The serial aims to telecast the lives of all the sixty three nayanmars and the miracles they inherited to become a part of God.

The serial talks about Nayanmargal like Karaikkal Ammaiyar. Her actual name was Punithavathi. She's a devotee of Lord Shiva. The story says that at a point of time in her life, her husband sends her two mangoes from his work. But before he comes to home, a Shiva devotee comes and asks for food. She gives a mango to him. When her husband returns and asks for the mangoes, she gives him just one mango. After eating it, he asks for the other mango. Punithavathi worries and starts praying. God gives her another mango which she gives to her husband. He tastes it and finds it more delicious than the previous one. He asks the reason for the difference. She replies that it was God who gave her the second mango. The husband doesn't believe her. To prove him, Punithavathi goes for prayer again. Now god gives him a golden mango. The husband realizes that she's divine and leaves her to God. She aims to go to Kailash to meet Lord Shiva. Thinking that walking the sacred travel by foot would be disrespectful to the God, she walks on her head all the way to Kailash. Lord Shiva appears to her and names her Ammaiyar appreciating her devotion.

The cast of the serial includes Suresh, Sarath, Radhika, Balamurugan, Pauline and Abhishek along with the others. The serial is directed by Brahma and produced by Brahma Cine Creations.