Tamil TV Serials Mehala

Mehala is a family drama broadcasted on Sun Television Network. It is a story of a couple , Kalai and Thilaga who have five children. Kalai’s sister Vadivu lives with him and Kalai is totally devoted to Vadivu and does all that she says.

Vadivu tries to separate the couple as she does not like Thilaga. Mehala born to this couple and Vadivu hates that, convincing Kalai to disown her from the family. Hence Mehala is brought up in her grandparents home and Thilaga often visits to the home with her other kids. Mehala is very fond of her other siblings.

One day, due to a quarrel between Thilaga and Vadivu, Mehala hits vadivu and she got fainted. By seeing this, Mehala thought she died and ran away from home. She runs to various places and continue with her studies with the help of her friends.

When Mehala was on the run, she saw an old man trying to commit suicide and she saves him from committing that. Mehala works as an assistant to a lawyer upon completing her education. Meanwhile, she tries to search for her family back.

Will she find her family, settle with her siblings? How she is going to cope with vadivu, her aunt forms the crux.


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