Tamil Tv Serial Marumanam

Marumanam Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil

Marumanam is a dubbed version of the Hindi serial “Punar Vivah” . It’s English translation means Remarriage. The original Hindi serial was aired on Zee TV and it’s Tamil version is aired on Zee Tamil. It is a story about two individuals Yash and Aarti. Aarti has a son named Arun and she is a divorcee. Yash however, is a widower and he has two daughters. Aarti’s husband left her before four years and wife of Yash died before three years. They show Aarti’s husband as a cancer patient, but later he is cured with the help of Aarti.

Parents of Yash and in-laws of Aarti want them of both to get married. After lots of confusion and hesitation, Aarti and Yash decides to get married for their kid’s well being. The entire plot of the story revolves around how Aarti and Yash struggle to forget their past love and get into a new relationship. Even the children of both Aarti and Yash find it difficult initially to mingle with each other either to eat, play and love. Gradually as days passby, the couple and their children mingle with each other and live a happy life together without any further troubles. Yash is a wedding planner by profession and the entire serial was shot in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. However, after Yash’s success in his business, they move to Mumbai where the rest of the serial is shot.