Tamil Tv Serial Kokila Enge Pogiral



This Television show delivered a message to viewers about the strong emotional relationship that a daughter shares with her mother. This show is bound around a Couple, Ganesan and Siputri, and their families. Siputri is a less educated girl who can handle their household work very easily and take care of her family. Ganesan is a mechanic who is the only one who earns in his family and supports his family economically. Siputri’s mother has a sole aim of finding an educated man for her daughter who can run their house.

One day Ganesan gets attracted by Siputri falls in love at first sight. Circumstances make sure his proposal reaches Siputri but to be accepted he has to lie about his job, which due to unavoidable situations, he lies. Their marriage takes place, but when Siputri comes to know about the lie she refuses to go with Ganesan. How they overcome the situation and end up living happily is the story of the series. The lead roles of the serial are:

' Vijayakumar' was a Tamil film and Television actor. He played roles in various Tamil cinemas and after that started his career in a few Hindi movies. Some of his popular Television serials are 'Shri Vali', 'Kandhan Karunai', and ' Agni Natchathiram'.

' Tharika' is Tamil Television and film actress. She was born on 15th July 1978 in India. She is popular for her roles in Tamil Television Serials like ' Kaveri', 'Marabu Kavithaigal', ' Chithi', 'Betti Melum', 'Laksmi', ' Sivamayam', 'Uniyarcha' and ' Kavyanjali'.