Tamil Tv Serial Jai Veera Hanuman

Jai Veer Hanuman Tamil TV SERIALS on JAYA TV

Lord Hanuman is known as the strongest being of his times. He was fearless and the most powerful. There are millions of tales of his bravery. The show is about his life. It is about how he helped Lord Ram to win over Ravan and create one of the astonishing history in Hindi Literature. Jai Veera Hanuman aired on Jaya TV in 1997 in Tamil language.

The lead character of Lord Hanuman was played by ‘ Raj Premi’. Raj Premi is also known as ‘Raj Pal Premi’. He is an Indian television and film actor. He started his television career in the year 1997 with this show and made his debut in 1999 on the big screen. ‘ Kavin Dave’ played the role of little Hanuman or also known as Maruti. He was a child artist then. He came back to acting after a long gap of 10 years and started working in movies as a supporting actor.

Jai Veera Hanuman, as the name depicts, is a lifetime story of Lord Hanuman. He is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Since his childhood, Hanuman is known to be a very naughty yet a smart kid. Maruti was born to ape-headed King Kesari and Queen Anjana. Anjana always knew that Maruti possess superpowers which is received from his real father Pawan Dev. Maruti was a very curious child. He always had interest to know more and more.

One day, he irritated a rishi. He cursed Maruti and he fainted. Pawan Dev got so depressed that he took away all the air from the universe. Other gods got scared and finally, they all blessed Maruti to come alive. They also gave him a new name, Hanuman. Later, Hanuman gets to know the purpose of his life. His purpose was to serve the incarnations of Lord Vishnu and help to preserve dharma in this world.

First he served Lord Ram. He helped him to win the war over Ravan. Ravan was the most intelligent and evil king of his times. He challenged Lord Ram by kidnapping his wife Sita. Both, Ram and Hanuman fought against Ravan with their large army and won it. The time came when Lord Ram had to leave their current life. Later, Lord Vishnu arrived again on the earth in Dwapar Era as Krishna. Hanuman helped the Pandavas in the battle of Mahabharat.

The creator and director of this mythological show is ‘ Sanjay Khan’. The show consisted of a total of 178 episodes.