Tamil Tv Serial Adi Ennadi Asattu Penne

Adi Ennadi Asattu Penne Tamil tv-serials on YouTube Channel

Adi Ennadi Asattu Penne is a Tamil television soap opera. This television series is a direction of Samudrakani. The genre of this show had been based on Drama. The story of this serial revolves around a married couple, Mahesh, and Shweta. The plot of this show entails a dramatized tale revolving around a husband, Mahesh, and a wife, Shweta. Both of them are married to each other, but they have kept it under the curtains.

Mahesh, who is the husband, didn’t tell his family about this marriage with Shweta, and Shweta, on the other hand, is hesitating unwillingly to bear Mahesh’s child without the knowledge and consent of his parents. So Mahesh, one day, reluctantly writes a letter back home to his mother. But Shweta receives the reply to that letter, and reads it, only to find herself startled by what had been written in that letter.

She learned that Mahesh was supposed to be wedded off to someone else named Gayathri, upon the word of Mahesh’s authoritative father. But Mahesh’s refusal of the marriage ends with the girl committing suicide. This pushes Mahesh’s dad to dishonorably, disown him, although his mother kept on longing for his son.

This entire thing devours Shweta in her mind. She realizes that her’s and Mahesh’s association was the sole reason behind the breakage of the marriage. And that, both of them, Mahesh and herself, are reasons why this girl had to resort to committing suicide. Shweta, upon bringing her to this revelation, seeks redemption through healing the broken ties between Mahesh and his family. She seeks out to set things right and unite the broken relationships that curtailed due to the then situation. She faces a time of despair as she struggles to make amends with the relationships that had been by now distanced with bitterness, ego, and hurt.

The storyline of this Tamil television show is straight out of a Woody Allen movie. It engages its viewers to relate to the different characters involved in the story of this show. The dramatized storyline of this show also maintains to keep its audience on the edge of their seat.

The viewers of this show thoroughly appreciate its storyline, splendid acting, and marvelous direction, all knitted together in a mind boggling potboiler television series. The director of this show have had earlier worked in many television serials and is a well-known personality in the industry as the one who makes the stories come to life.