Malayalam Tv Show Surya Singer Season 3

Surya Singer Season 3 Tamil TV SHOWS on SURYA TV

Music reality shows have always been liked by the audience. The soothing and melodious voices have always helped us relax and cool our minds. And most importantly, it is a motivation to the viewers, to do better in life, to explore their talents and work towards their dreams. Surya Singer is a music reality show aired on Surya TV. The show is Kerala based, and after its two successful seasons, Surya Singer has come up with its third season. It is the show for children between the age group of five to thirteen years.

The contestants are selected after a round of auditions and only after tough competition few after so many are selected. The anchor for the season is Delsy who is very vibrant and enthusiastic and keeps the stage energetic with positive energy. The show has a very eminent and famous panel of judges. The jury comprises of Mr. Venugopal, Mr. Unni Krishnan, and the Mahaguru. All of them are popular faces in the Malayalam music industry. They evaluate the contestants carefully and give them remarks and positive feedback.

Several auditions take place. Children from all over Kerala, take part in the auditions and out of all the top 24 are selected. The finest of them are then selected for the final round as the show goes on. The 24 contestants are groomed and given lessons on music by Mr. Vidyadharan. His teachings help them learn music better and improve their singing quality. It helps them to increase their confidence for the next round.

The show not only is a competition but a platform where children can love music and improve their skills. They are nurtured properly, and each kid is given personal attention during the show. The program helps children grow and showcase their talents. The two previous seasons have been a hit and following the legacy, the third season will be a hit too.