Malayalam Tv Show Sangeetha Sagaram

Sangeetha Sagaram Malayalam TV SHOWS on Asianet Plus

Sangeetha Sagaram is a talk show for music buffs. A talk show or a chat show is a show designed for the television or radio where the host of the show invites a popular personality on their show for a candid chat about their career, personal life, their background, etc. These kinds of shows don’t have an agenda behind them. They are only intended to bring the personal life of popular figures in the front and sometimes not even that. The only motive of these shows is to entertain the audience. Sometimes these kinds of shows also have a live audience who are allowed to ask questions that they have for the guest.

Sangeetha Sagaram invites renowned singers from Kerala to talk about their personal life, struggles, their art, aspirations and many more candid topics like these. The singers often entertain their fans by telling their favorite songs and the process behind it. The singers also sing their songs on public demand. The show also has a host, who interacts with the guest and brings out their best version.  All this makes the show a hell of a ride for the singer’s fans. The show first aired on Asianet plus. It is also available with the OTT giant Disney+Hotstar. Some of the episodes are also available for free on YouTube.