Kalady Omana

Other names of Kalady Omana: Kaladi Omana
Kalady Omana is a very senior actress from Kerala. She has proved her mettle in serials, movies, and theatre.She is currently the vice president of CONTACT (Confederation of television artiste’s commercial operators and technicians).Omana was born in a financially backward family. Her father ran a small shop near a movie studio. She started working as a child artist at the age of ten to support her parents and sister. She then moved to professional theatre, movies and serials. Omana was married to Late Bhaskaran Nair.She has two daughters, both of whom are married and settled.
Omana has essayed several powerful, humorous, lead and villain roles in serials and dramas. But in movies, she has been in supporting roles. Omana has even performed for the royal family and won appreciations. Her biggest wish is to enact the role of super star Mohan Lal's mother.Omana's role in the mega serial Devaragam telecasted by Asianet was well appreciated by the audience. Deveragam tells the story of three sisters, struggles and the twists in their lives. Some of her movies include Kadhaanaayagan, Marupuram, Sandesham, Jagapoga, and Kavadiyattam. She suffered setbacks in life after her husband’s death, but the film fraternity helped her to overcome difficult situations.
Omana has received several awards, including state awards.