Malayalam Tv Show Chit Chat

Chit Chat Malayalam Tv shows on Kairali tv
CHITCHAT is a one on one talk show with celebrities offering insight about their professional and personal life. The host touches various subjects related closely to the celebrity on the talk show .This show hosts celebrities from all time periods and sometimes directors too are a part of the show. Celebrities use this show to endorse their upcoming movies thus the show became a platform for celebrities to promote their movies in conjunction with their interview. The show only has a runtime of 30minutes thus making it clear and crisp.

The show is aired on WE TV a sister concern of the KAIRALI TV .WE TV is specifically targeted at the Malayalam youths all over the world. WE TV’s chairman is superstar Mamooty , thus aiming to attract all kinds of audience. All the shows are designed in a way to attract the youth. CHIT CHAT too is a part of the program list targeting young audiences. It does not have a main stream host although different VJ’s are used till date so far. The show is currently on air easily attracting its target audience with its well crafted format. Even though the show is aimed towards the younger demographic it is widely viewed and appreciated by all age groups.

PS: It’s currently running on WETV.