Malayalam Tv Serial Ponnu Poloru Pennu

Ponnu Poloru Pennu Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv

Ponnu Poloru Pennu is a drama series which airs on the Amrita TV channel. It is a Malayalam language series which gets broadcasted Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM. The lead role of Ponnu got portrayed by the acclaimed actress Rasana. She gets supported by other renowned actors and actresses including the likes of Kumarakon Rakhunath, Sajitha Shamas, and Sharath, among others. Sajitha Shamas plays the character of Abhirami in the series, who is one of the main antagonists, and creates trouble for Ponnu.

Kumarakom Raghunath meanwhile has portrayed the role of Bharathan Achari, who is Ponnu’s father. The story of the series revolves around the life of Ponnu. She has a pure heart and wishes the best for everyone. She lives an extremely honest and pious life. She tries to make the lives of everyone around her better. Many times this comes from personal sacrifices as well. She attempts to improve everyone's wellbeing at her own expense. She expects nothing from them in return and gives them everything that she has. However, not everything remains pleasant in her life. She develops adversaries as well; many, jealous of the affection she garners from other, try to ruin her. They find it difficult to digest the kind of attention Ponnu manages to get through her dedication. Among these rivals is Abhirami, who can’t stand the sight of Ponnu and makes her life miserable.

Ponnu has to fight these overwhelming odds and remain true to herself at the same time. Her willpower gets tested to the limits as she faces challenges from every direction. She, however, manages to find a way to defeat her adversaries and stand tall. Her story is one of inspiration for everyone. Viewers have enjoyed the character of Ponnu and lauded her portrayal as well. The show has done well and received good ratings from the audience.

Especially noteworthy are the performances of the various members of the cast and crew who have put together a fabulous show. Rasana, who plays the lead role of Ponnu, is one of the well-known actresses in the Malayalam television industry. She has acted in many telefilms as well. She got her big break through the series Ammakkay when she got spotted by Saji Surendran, who was the show’s director. Even though the role was not a very prominent one, she got noticed. Hence, her journey in the television industry began.