Malayalam Tv Serial Manthriyodoppam

Manthriyodoppam Malayalam tv-serials on Jeevan Tv



Manthriyodoppam is a talk show which is telecasted on Jeevan TV. The show runs on air for twenty-two minutes. By a look at the sets of the talk show, you can easily be fooled into thinking that it is the set of a film. The background is made of plywood. The stripes are brown in colour and have been arranged vertically. There is no other decoration on the set. The host sits on a wooden chair, and the guest sits opposite to him in another wooden chair. As the show starts, the host tells the name of the guest. Then a clip is shown where the guest is somewhere else and she is giving a speech.

After a few seconds, the camera starts focusing solely on the host. The host talks about the guest. He talks about her education and the impact she has had on the society. As soon as he is finished, the camera zooms out a little putting both the participants in the frame. The host is seated with sheets of paper and a pen in his hand. The papers are attached with glue. The guests in the show are not celebrities. They are people with high educational qualifications.

They work in colleges and schools. They might be the principal or the dean. They can also be a regular teacher in the institution. It is a serious show which has no time for any jokes. The anchor then starts talking about the life of his guest. She talks about her school life. The talks about school soon transform into college life. The things she learned, people she met, are all informed in the show. The guest later starts talking about how she got associated with the current institution she is working in. All these questions are asked by the host of the show.

There is also a pop quiz round where the host bombards her with questions which are supposed to be answered without any wastage of time. Even social activists are invited to the serial. The host has a monotonous tone which makes it difficult for the audience to stay interested. The participant then talks about how they would like to see the society change its environment for the betterment of the people living in it. What actions are being taken by them to realize there vision. The episode ends on a sweet gesture where both the parties are happy to have been given the opportunity to speak with each other.