Malayalam Tv Serial Kannadi

Kannadi Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet news
Kannadi is a popular television show in Malayalam. It is basically a show of news bulletin or news magazine format. Kannadi is a news show which depicts the and showcases and raises the voice for the poor’s and tries to address their issues. Kannadi showcases the stories those peoples are the Indians who are not politicians or celebrities, but are people who have been relegated to the fringes of our society and are no longer part of the mainstream discourse of India’s development. Kannadi is quite popular among the audiences concerned about the real socio-economic picture of India and has been given 2 star rating. India’s impressive growth story is pockmarked with the silences of her poor millions. Her grotesque inequalities embarrass us, but, Kannadi forces the reality of India upon us in its stark naked form, jostling us out of the state of denial, prodding our conscience and forcing us to act. Kannadi airs on the leading and popular Malayalam news channel Asianet News every Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10:00 onwards as per the Indian standard time (IST). The show is produced by Asianet networks and is hosted and anchored by veteran journalist and media personality Shri TN Gopakumar. Some of the interesting episodes of Kannadi dealt with-Honey bee farmers problems, financial assistance for the tribal girls and other backward castes, Maoist presence at Kozhikode, several social issues and concerns in Kudroli temples, etc.